Real Estate

During your life time, you will have important decisions to make. One of them consist in investing in real estate. To do so you will have to gather multitude of documents and information in order to processed forward with the transaction. The complexity of this process has inspired us to simplify it and guide you through this process in all real estate fields to make it as effortless as possible.

Private Asset Management

Our world is changing at a fast paced rate and with the arrival of new technologies, we are now facing major changes in the market structure. This opens the path to new opportunities that can be seized with our help. We offer our expertise in asset valuation to advise you in your investments choices.

Family Law

At the heart of the notary field, family law constantly evolves to be able to adapt to all society changes. Between free union, PACS, marriage, divorce and remarriage, we will help you to see clearer and take the right decisions.


Creating and managing your own business only seems to be easier than ever. Thanks to the notary who can provide his valuable contribution with its global vision of the business client’s assets, by proposing efficient legal and tax advice.